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Pro cars Woking - Most Trusted Taxi Hire Company 2020 - Surrey

Latest News – Award-Winning 2020

After years of hard work and dedication, Pro Cars Woking taxis was nominated and awarded “Most Trusted Taxi Hire Company 2020 – Surrey“.

We will like to thank all our customers for their support, recommendations, and reviews. Also to our great team of drivers and operators, who make all this possible.

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Listing of companies at the end of August 2020 from Sms News Winners – Pro Cars Woking

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How we achieved a great Award-Winning for our Woking taxi services?

The best attributes to verify on a Woking taxis service will be few, but we make sure we include the most important ones.
Punctuality – a great Woking taxi company, will not give a time that is not reachable just because you rushing, but an accurate time, taking into consideration factors like weather, traffic condition, distance to your location, etc. If it is a pre-booked journey, any respectable company will have the car arriving early or on time of the booking. If you need a Woking airport taxi or  Woking airport transfers, Pro Cars Woking is the best choice. For a Woking taxi to Heathrow or a taxi to Gatwick, call now for the best quote.
Cleanliness – a clean/disinfected car is essential on our time but take into consideration weather, as the cars can’t simply be clean outside always, due to rain, mud on roads or snow. Inside a car, it has to be always clean, is simply no excuse for that.
Politeness – a polite driver will make your journey more pleasant and stress-free and is a must for any taxi driver.
Reliability – if you see positive reviews, years of trading, and a good-clean website, is clear that you will have a reliable taxi company.
Friendliness – a driver can be friendly and try to speak with you, give you information about the journey, and even chat with the kids
Helpful Driver – having good local knowledge is a must, opening/closing the door for you, helping with luggage, etc.
Reasonable Price – a reasonable price is not necessarily the cheapest price, as even £1.00 can make a big difference for the car, driver, and journey.

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